Wireless Charger: Travel Industry’s Latest Innovation

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 4:35am by Business Day TV

The previous year saw the installation of different portable charging stations in lobbies of at least 29 different Marriott hotels throughout the United States. The portable chargers, designed by Kube Systems, enables guest to recharge up to six phones or tablets. It also include several charging tips that is compatible with phones that uses USB, Micro USB, Apple lightning, and Apple 30- Pin chargers. Apart from this, the unit also possesses a key innovation- wireless transmitter, which enables users to recharge the device without wires by simply laying their gadget on top of the station.

MarriottThis new technology by Kube called KD Portable uses a wireless inductive charging technology known as Qi Wireless. Apart from lobbies of Marriott hotels, it is now available in other places. These places include a McDonald’s restaurant in the United Kingdom, NIX automobile from Lexus, and Verizon Wireless digital signage that also serves as a booth for charging at major airports in the US.

The idea behind Marriott’s decision to implement the construction of charging station came from past inquiries of guests. One of the primary requests of guests is for other ways to recharge their mobile devices. Based on a research implemented by a team from Marriott, 75 percent of its guests bring at least two devises.

Experts believe that the move made by the distinguished hotel brand is what QI needs. Given that the wireless charger is a relatively new invention, the possibility of its application to various sectors is high. Today, it is steadily developing into one of the hottest trends in various establishments across Europe and Asia. Based on a statement by the Wireless Power Consortium, the body that governs QI, Marriot’s use of its products both gives convenience to consumers and serves as a stepping-stone towards the adaptation of a new standard in the hospitality sector. Its existence can also help develop technology that can power different equipment like lamps, clocks, laptops, etc.

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One of the main beneficiaries of this new technology, according to WPC, is the travel industry. Since the product’s introduction last year, even airports and restaurants are also seeking it to be part of their facilities. Currently, there are 15 car models with built-in QI wireless as an option. This further proves that the marketability for such product is high and there is a high chance for it to override whatever doubts persist in the minds of the public

Whether it is the hospitality business or the travel industry, the emergence of wireless charging technology is a big leap for humankind. Not only will it provide people the convenience of traditional chargers do not, but it will change the technological landscape in the succeeding years.