Will Literary Agents Be Impressed With Your Author Platform?

Posted on Jul 21 2015 - 8:12am by Business Day TV

BusinessmanYou are not a book-generating machine. You are a businessperson who needs to be flexible enough to write a terrific book while also managing the business aspect of the publishing industry. Put your suit on and begin thinking like one. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a literary agent. Wouldn’t you want to sign up with someone who already has an established author platform?

First, What Exactly is a Platform?

A platform covers an author’s visibility and influence over a target audience. This means if the entire population of readers exists in Midwestern United States, and your genre proves most popular in Wisconsin, the latter serves as your target audience. Literary agents need to know whether or not you write for a specific market. Also, a stable platform gives them assurance of profit – especially for non-fiction authors – once the book hits the shelves.

Is Social Media the Only Solution?

Given the earlier example, PRCaffeine.com says effective digital marketing helps authors reach their target audience faster. Establishing a strong online presence provides an easier and more practical means of getting in touch with other writers and readers who participate in your specific genre.

Publishing houses, literary agents, and well-known authors as well as aspiring ones already operate in various social networking sites. While alternatives such as resorting to public speaking and print publication in literary journals also present viable options, you have to accept that potential supporters would rather Google you than visit bookstores. Social media may not be the only solution, but it does promise the best results.

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How Important is Publishing Credit?

A lack of publishing credit has never hindered anyone from getting published. Owning these credits, however, puts you ahead of others. Literary agents want to work with people who know their craft, can meet deadlines, and follow guidelines. These serve as proof of your earnestness to join the publishing industry. These credits, when accompanied by a good following that expresses excitement for your works, demonstrate your proficiency in digital marketing and invites literary agents to see more of you.

Authors today have more work cut out for them than ever before. Debuting in the publishing industry with an impressive author platform makes it easier to claim the success your hard work warrants.