Why Your Commercial Space Needs Landscaping

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Beautiful landscape outside the office buildingHaving great landscaping for your commercial space can bring plenty of benefits for you and your business. In addition to making your space more beautiful and valuable, good landscaping provides some environmental benefits, and also attracts potential customers.

Resale and Savings

Experts say that commercial landscaping can add 11% to 14% to the resale value of buildings while speeding up it’s their sale by at least 6 weeks.

Moreover, studies show that the strategic placement of landscape plants in and around buildings reduces heat loss and prevents the entry of cold air during the winter season. The right type of shrubbery and plants can also reduce summer cooling costs by up to 40%.

More Customers

Research indicates that up to 74% of potential customers prefer commercial spaces that have buildings lined with trees and other landscaping plants. The University of Washington conducted a study and found that drivers found it easier to find businesses on the road if the establishment had trees and plants, as compared to buildings without landscaping.

Landscape outside the commercial buildingThe study also found that green spaces like lawns and trees positively influence customer attitudes about a particular commercial space, making shoppers more willing to spending pleasant-looking and well-landscaped local businesses.

Therefore, finding the right commercial landscaping services in Jackson, MS can increase visibility to your building and drive more customers to your establishment.

Higher Rent

A study found that tenants in a building with visually appealing landscaping are more willing to pay higher rental rates than tenants who lived in buildings without proper landscaping. Research indicates that tenants are willing to pay from 3% to 6% more if their commercial space is surrounded by greenery.

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Landscaping for your commercial space brings significant benefits to your business. Finding the right commercial lawn care provider can help attract more customers, boost your resale value, and drive more revenue to your company.