Why You Should Collaborate with a Waste Management Company

Posted on Sep 13 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

waste disposal and garbage truckWaste management is a hidden cost of running a business. All businesses produce waste, and these need proper disposal. In Sydney, companies work with industrial waste management firms for more efficient and professional handling. Waste management specialists segregate the trash for recycling. They have the equipment, trained personnel and license to dispose of the rubbish. These are extra costs for a company if they want to get rid of their waste.

Proper Disposal

Businesses produce different waste from paper, furniture, old computers, consumables, and others. Proper waste disposal cleans up and recycles. Recycling companies can recycle up to 75% of all the waste they collect. Improved waste management processes result in 80% recycling of all waste collection. Simple things like double-sided printing and using reusable mugs reduce waste. Decreasing the amount of garbage produced leads to less waste going to the landfill. Cities worldwide are innovating to lessen the amount of trash thrown into landfills. Finding new landfills is costly for the local government and waste management companies.


In the Netherlands, one change in waste management involves the use of disposable coffee cups. A Dutch paper cup manufacturer started a campaign collecting disposable coffee cups from companies. These are processed to separate the plastic interior from the cardboard exterior. The plastic is recycled while the cardboard is turned into toilet paper.

Additionally, the company has committed to increasing tree planting efforts in the Sumatra rain forest. They plant a new tree for every 7,000 cups they collect and recycle. The company expects to recycle 50 million cups in the coming years. The paper cup recycling technology will be available in ten countries.

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A company cannot disregard the amount of waste it produces. Hiring a waste management company to sort and recycle company waste is better than disposing of it. It’s not only more efficient but also more eco-friendly.