Why Insurance Agencies Should Use Online Platforms and Build Strong Brands

Posted on Nov 6 2018 - 3:47am by Business Day TV

graphic photo of a laptop with social media ideasTom Peters first mentioned the concept of "personal branding″ in 1997 in an article titled ‟The Brand Called You″. The importance of branding has since grown astronomically as individuals and corporations continue to use social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram’s, among others.

As an insurance agent, branding is critical for your success. Remember, there are many other insurance agencies vying for attention. A strong identifiable brand is what will ultimately set you apart from the competition.

Building an Insurance Brand

Insurance marketing companies will tell you that your ultimate goal when building a brand should be to make your customers understand and relate with your mission.

Also, your clients, at the mention of your agency, should tell what products or services you offer. You also want your customers to associate your agency with certain qualities.

A Great Website

It's surprising that some insurance agents still don’t have a website. With today’s digital-savvy, (and impatient) customers, if you don’t have a business website, potential customers are likely to look elsewhere.

A marketing study found that six out of ten consumers first head to the brand's website to get information. Your website should be professional and practical.

It should not only contain the right information, but it should also be consistent with your elevator’s pitch and your overall branding goals.

Even if you don't sell policies online, a great website will help you increase traffic and lead conversions. An ugly site that lacks functionality will reflect poorly on your brand.

Social Proof

Social media platforms are low-cost ways to build brands. As an insurance agency, a substantial portion of your customers — both existing and potential — are on social media. Around 68% of American adults are on Facebook, and 78% of 18- to 24-year-olds are on Instagram.

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If you’re not on social media, you can clearly see how much traffic you’re missing. Besides, being on social media provides your customers with an easy and fun way to connect with you. It makes your brand feel more personal and approachable — something every business should strive to have.

The insurance industry has unique problems in that what it sells is intangible. Also, insurance policies are promises to cushion the future and a fact — human beings would rather enjoy good things right now than contemplate about bad things that might happen in the future.

Building a strong insurance brand will make it easier to prospect and lower resistance, increasing sales in the long run.