Why Give Custom Promotional Products During Events and Conferences

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 1:41pm by Business Day TV

Pens for corporate giveawayCorporate giveaways are part of any company event or product launch. It can also be given for any other conference, whether it is internal or company-sponsored. When conceptualising corporate giveaways, it is vital to follow the latest trends, which also happens to be the safest option. 

To do this, find online store innovators to get some suggestions for custom business promotional products. Here are some ideas they provided for corporate giveaways:

Paper Products

These include pens, paper, calendar, datebook, and notebooks. With a bigger budget, these can also include power banks, flash drives, and mouse pads. Although some items may be tossed out easily, like lanyards, creating a good branding can ensure they do not end up in the trash bin.

Apart from the design, which can range from plain colours, text, and logos to modern interpretations of the company vision, the price is likewise something to consider. Notebooks and stationery with leather covers get most of the attention. The same is true with leather and document bags. The bigger these items are or the more expensive they look, the longer these will be kept.

Umbrellas and Wine Sets

Umbrellas are a good gift regardless of the climate condition. The sun’s heat can be a reason to keep the umbrella around at all times, even if it is just tossed in the car. Being caught in the rain without an umbrella is not a good surprise either. Receiving an umbrella as a promotional item is something that people would use.

Wine sets, which include a corkscrew bottle opener, a cutter, and a stopper, may be too expensive if there is a long list of recipients. If this was a short list of loyal customers and partners, however, it would be well received and something other business partners would like to have.

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Corporate giveaways are an important way to keep your brand on a VIP’s desk and mind. Try to go beyond pens and pencils. There are many other items that can catch a business partner and client’s eye.