Where Are the Best States to Refuel During a Road Trip?

Posted on Aug 2 2018 - 3:10pm by Business Day TV

A group of friends on a road tripThose who are planning to go on a road trip to West Virginia should consider refueling their tank in Virginia, where gas prices are cheaper by 22 cents.

While you’re filling up in the state, you should check out different Mexican restaurants in Virginia before heading to your next destination. A variety of food stops along the way, and cheap gas may even convince you to take a road trip in the state for the next time.

Cheap Gas Prices

The price of fuel in Virginia led the state to be the sixth most affordable place for gas in the U.S., based on AAA Tidewater data. It’s not surprising then why an analysis ranked it among the best states for a summer road trip for 2018.

Despite a continual increase in prices since July 4, motorists would still find them cheaper at $2.62 as of the second week of July. As more people will likely take their cars for a road trip this summer, it’s best to consider a short-distance trip within the state to stretch your budget.

Refilling Checkpoints

Those who already decided to check out other states have better options on where to refill their cars. If you’re headed to Pennsylvania, the price of fuel there is more expensive at $3.02 on average compared to West Virginia’s $2.84.

The cost-savings of other states depend on your destination, particularly in southwestern states. For instance, you’ll save money on gas when you refill in Texas before heading to New Mexico, but it’s cheaper to refuel in Louisiana if you’re going to Texas.

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Motorists still have less than two months to plan their summer road trip, so why not choose a state where gas prices are cheap? By stretching your budget, you have more places to see and things to do while you’re on vacation.