What Does It Take to Move Your Show to Broadway?

Posted on Feb 13 2018 - 2:13am by Business Day TV

Broadway streets signNot all people watch Netflix. Some head to Broadway for live entertainment. The Broadway League data revealed that shows in Broadway had more than 13 million admissions from 2016 to 2017. The percentage of theatergoers increased 22 percent. It’s the highest it has ever been in 15 years.

So it’s not surprising if production companies aspire to perform there. But is it simple to get to Broadway?

What Makes a Broadway Show?

There are two ways to define a Broadway show. One, it’s a performance in the Great White Way or the Theater District. It’s near the Lincoln Center and in Midtown Manhattan, New York. Another is it’s a performance in a theater that can accommodate 500 or more people. Because of this criterion, only 40 theaters are categorized as Broadway theaters.

Getting on Broadway

Staging a production on Broadway is difficult. As these theaters are for profit, they always consider the commercial viability of a show. So most production companies may consider other routes first. These include off-Broadway and “off-off-Broadway.”

Your production company can arrange a performance in any of the event locations in New York that can operate theater style. With good marketing and impressive production, among others, you production could advance to Broadway later.

The Perks of Getting on the Big Stage

Getting a performance on Broadway is special. It allows the shows to reach a much wider audience and, more importantly, earn good profits. Tickets sold here are more expensive than off-Broadway productions.

If it is a massive success like “Hamilton,” it can run for months or years. It can also open more career opportunities for the cast and crew. Most of all, only those who get to perform in a Broadway theater can qualify for the coveted Tony Awards.

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Producing a show on Broadway requires more than a talented cast. It needs excellent marketing, production design, and financial planning. But as the saying goes, patience is a virtue. As long as the key ingredients are in, one can achieve the same level of success as any award-winning show.