What Competition? Stay Ahead of the 2016 SEO Marketing Trends

Posted on Jul 2 2016 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

 SEO Marketing TrendsIn a world where practically everything exists online, SEO is vital to a company if they want their business to succeed. It's one of the components that will boost a company’s online presence and branding efforts.

The internet is readily accessible; however, this accessibility allows it to fall into the wrong hands. People wonder if they are being scammed or not. Perth SEO companies and even those around the globe know the advantages SEO can bring to a business. It can provide your business credibility, visibility, traffic, high ROI, branding and an insight into the behaviour of your consumers.

However, SEO is always progressing due to technological advancements, new practices and insights. Businesses and companies must know these innovations to get ahead of the competition.

The Value of Shareability

Social media has always been popular, but recently, the usage greatly escalated. The majority still depend on Facebook, while the younger ones plunged into cutting-edge apps such as Snapchat. It’s important for your brand to be more visible, and the most reliable way for this to happen is for your consumers to share your site. There’s a higher possibility that consumers will give your brand a chance if someone they know uses it.

Encourage your consumers to share your products or reviews. Engage them in social activities and even start contests to inspire them.

The Value of Video Content

The social media domination of the ‘Damn, Daniel’ video has unconsciously brought Vans more customers. Users demand more video content, which has a great potential to be viral as long as you know how to tickle your audiences. People consider videos engaging, and they make home videos themselves through YouTube, Vine or Snapchat.

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SEO will keep on evolving. Keep up with the trends. Ensure that your business stays relevant, visible and flexible to keep your consumers on their feet.