Wedding Car Rental: Read before you Book!

Posted on Feb 16 2017 - 7:41pm by Business Day TV

Wedding Car Rentals in Tauranga

Unless you fancy a fairytale wedding and prefer a horse carriage to bring you to your venue, finding the right wedding car is among the list of your concerns for the big day. Of course, the car that you choose would be something that reflects your wedding theme and personality, but how does one pick the right bridal car?

Before booking an appointment with every company that has a wedding car for hire in Tauranga, here are some tips from Xquizit Limousines & Tours to make your search easier.

Tips for hiring a wedding car

  1. Count the people

Knowing how many people will be in the car would help you determine the type of car to rent. Do not forget to count your photographer and videographer. You wouldn’t want to miss capturing candid happenings inside the car on the way to the venue.

  1. Know your vehicle choice

After identifying item number 1, the next on the list is having an idea of what type of car you want to have. Are you a vintage kind of bride? Or a modern one? Or you the futuristic type? Knowing your wedding theme can help you determine your car choice.

  1. Have a budget

Get quotes from different companies. Compare and research thoroughly before closing a deal. If you are patient, you would be able to have the car that you like without busting your bank accounts.

  1. Book in advance

Book the car a few months in advanced (preferably six months) to make sure you would get the car that you want and not just settle for a sedan because everything else has been booked.

  1. Contract

Read and understand, and then read the contract once more before signing. The terms and conditions, as well as insurance and policies, should be clear to both parties.

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You can now book your wedding car with ease now that you have these things in mind.