Web Design: The Basics of Colour Combinations

Posted on Jun 18 2016 - 1:52pm by Business Day TV

Colour Combinations Used in CanberraAmong the trickiest and most challenging elements of web design is putting together the right colour combination that properly represents your message or brand, while setting the tone for the actual design.

Begin with the Basics

Voodoo Creative and professional web designers noted that creating the best colour combinations for your website isn’t simply about choosing two shades. To start, look at the colour wheel to see clearly how different shades relate to each other. It’s the most practical and easiest way to establish whether your chosen colours actually go together.

Keep in mind that your manner of mixing colours is important since it will show how well your chosen shades can work together. Take note of the following colour schemes you can find on the colour wheel:

  • Analogous – Three colours directly beside one another.
  • Complementary – Colours found on the colour wheel’s opposing sides.
  • Split Complementary – Choose one colour and use another colour from either side of the opposing colour.
  • Double Complementary – Uses primary colours, as well as complements from all sides of the opposite colour. This is tricky to create but works extremely well with tones and tints, says a web development specialist in Canberra.
  • Triadic – Three colours spaced equally on the wheel.
  • Monochromatic – One colour and variants of that colour.

Putting Your Colour Combinations to Work

Once you’ve picked the most appropriate colour combination for your site, determine a colour palette so that the colours will stay consistent throughout the design process. Likewise, set down rules regarding how you will use your chosen colours. To start, consider the following:

  • The number of colours you choose
  • If you’re going to use shades, tones, and tints
  • Are you planning on colouring text?
  • Are you considering using accent colours outside your chosen colour palette?
  • Are you planning on setting a hue for user interface elements?
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Take note that you should create variance and contrast within your palette. Establish a mood and remember that your colours should match your content so that you can deliver the best user experience to your target audience.