Web Design Psychology for E-Commerce Sites: 3 Things to Consider

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Designing E-Commerce WebsiteA design is certainly an abstract and creative job, but when it comes to creating output for businesses, the strategic psychology of element arrangement should be present.

Web design course experts in Perth suggest that the techniques of arranging elements in a canvas should already be taught in schools. Apart from the palette, the marketing material, and templates, the design of the website used for commerce should offer unique value that’s aimed at deriving profit–and should not be merely user-friendly.

For a more compelling and characteristically rich design, make sure to apply basic psychological principles. Here are the choices you need to make.

Choice #1: Aimless Self-expression vs. Constructive and Purposeful Creativityz

In itself, designing is about self-expression and there are thousands, if not millions, of skilled designers who can clearly speak for themselves. However, only a handful have the flair for constructive and purposeful creativity which is useful for businesses. Therefore, instead of working to create an outstanding design platform for a website, it would be more productive and useful to prioritise how products and services are presented on the site so the audience will be convinced to engage in the business.

For instance, no one will trust a dental website with a bee for a logo because it can be associated with stinging pains.

Choice #2: Mediocre Originality vs. Consistent Branding

As previously stated, it’s easy to find a unique designer who will create a unique website. But with the influx of “unique websites” that are all starting to look the same, what used to be outstanding now appears mediocre or unoriginal. Instead of drumming up competition in the aesthetic side of design, concentrate on branding. Another website may look similar to yours, but the branding will never be the same – unless they plagiarised your content. You can be consistent with your branding without ending up common.

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When it comes to a profitable portal, consistency should be the focus. The more the audience recognises your brand, from the colour profile to the font, the more value it can give your business.

Choice #3: Outstanding Stock Photos vs. Realistic and Practical Shots

Whilst every website owner and designer wants the finest detailed imagery to go with his or her designs, this sometimes discourages the viewer because the high-quality images either build unrealistic expectations or slow down site loading.

Keep in mind that internet users browse online for a more affordable and friendly approach to traditional products and services. If the business website design shows the same repeated classy and expensive things, it won’t sell — unless, of course, the business targets high-end markets.

Creating an outstanding website is one thing; creating a beautiful website that translates to revenue is another. When putting up an e-commerce site, the second takes priority.