Warehouse Preservation: Protecting Your Pallet Racks and Inventory

Posted on Nov 2 2016 - 1:20pm by Admin

Warehouse OperationsIn any warehouse, wire shelving and pallet racks are always at risk of damage. They are not resistant to the deterioration that comes with the territory of a dynamic environment full of moving parts. To minimise wear on your storage racks, Containit Solutions recommends allotting proper spaces, training personnel, regularly performing inspections and offering some safety measures and tips. Let’s take a further look at these suggestions.

Training Employees

The first thing you should do to keep people and warehouse items out of harm’s way is to educate your employees on how to navigate around pallet racks. Teach them about the different types of pallet racks (cantilever, drive-in, flow rack, and push back) and help them to work around each rack. This is crucial, especially for material handling equipment operators who have to manipulate the moving parts that go into choosing, loading, unloading and moving inventory around the warehouse, and on and off the racks.

Allocating the Right Amount of Space

The most important part of safety in a warehouse setting is space allocation. Forklifts require space to navigate, personnel need space to move and carry items and inventory needs ample space to make transportation and storage easier. Accidents will occur if there is not enough space. Forklifts can crash into racks and people, breaking fragile and valuable items. Thus, it is vital to make the passageways spacious and with minimal clutter so multiple employees and forklifts can easily pass.

Installing Safety Guards

You can set up safety guards on corners, edges and low parts of the bases and posts that hold your shelving straight and minimise deterioration. This equipment should undergo regular checks. Replace them when you spot cracks or other indications of damage.

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Conducting Pallet Rack Inspections

While pallet rack systems are sturdy and long-lasting, you should not disregard them. Look for cuts, cracks, and other damage to the shelves or posts, including accessories such as rollers, dividers and baskets. Repair these pieces of equipment as necessary and forecast their replacement date.

The ideal time to perform these suggestions is during off-peak times. When you are proactive about protecting your pallet racks and inventory, you can be sure that your warehouse will operate safely and efficiently.