Visiting Down Under: Reminders for Your Trip to Your Aussie Neighbours

Posted on Nov 16 2016 - 9:43am by Business Day TV

Vacationer in BrisbaneLast September, Mastercard released their latest Asia Pacific Destinations Index. It showed that, at 18.2% of inbound tourists, New Zealanders make up the bulk of visitors to Australia. In fact, Kiwis are the top visitors of Brisbane and the second in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

When you’re going to be a part of that volume of visitors, here are some reminders to make your Aussie trip a safe and memorable one.

Remember the Little Things

As a vacationer, it is important to be detail-oriented. It prevents you from missing the small details that may factor in hugely on your trip. One example of this is money.

While you’re still here, stop by a foreign exchange provider, such as No.1 Currency to swap your travel money for Australian currency. This gives you more time to explore instead of looking for a foreign exchange provider once you’re there.

Furthermore, check the weather as your trip draws nearer. You don’t want to be stuck with summer clothes on a chilly vacation and vice versa, after all!

Do Research on Your Destination

While adventure lies in not knowing what to expect from your destination, it is only wise to do some background research about it. After all, you do not want to rub elbows with fellow visitors only to end up with nothing.

If you’re a foodie, for example, map out a tour of South Australia since it is a haven for award-winning wine, food and scenery. When you want to be one with nature, on the other hand, you will appreciate taking the time to do research on the attractions of the Northern Territory or the Great Barrier Reef.

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In recent years, Asia has turned into a more affordable and accessible region for vacation-goers. As such, these travel tips are applicable not just to your Australian holiday jaunt. Some thoughtful planning goes a long way and will keep you safe — anywhere you decide to go.