Using the Web to Sell and Promote Your Artwork

Posted on Jul 29 2016 - 12:00am by Business Day TV

Portfolio OnlinePromoting in fairs and galleries is a great way to sell your art. Nevertheless, there are many other ways you can sell your work. One of them is to use social networking sites and personal web pages. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Create an Artist’s Profile

Managing a purely artist account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to display your work is a good idea. This must be separate from your own personal social media accounts. This way, your work gets top billing instead of yourself and what you’re doing for the day. An even better option is to create a website dedicated exclusively to your artwork and artist persona. Voodoo Creative and other online marketing experts recommend hiring the services of a web design expert if you truly want a professional look and feel for your page.

Respond ASAP

Interacting with your potential clientele, friends, and long-time supporters through your artist profile on social media or website is a good way to promote your art. It shows them that you can dedicate time and effort for those interested in your work. Give them a number, email, social media account or any other contact details that they can use to send inquiries and commission requests. Make sure you answer within the day, or even within hours, of them sending you a message.

Create Art Prints

Sometimes, quantity is useful for reaching more people. Scan your work into high-quality digital images and post them online. Make “giclee” or multiple copies of your work and sell them online or include them as giveaways. Nothing elaborate required — a postcard, bookmark, or sticker is both personal and easy to replicate for many buyers. Include a thank you message for every patron to make you even more memorable.

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Whether you paint traditionally or digitally, use your hand or take photos, having your own website and online pages will do wonders for your promotion. You can even add offers for educational art workshops or announce your upcoming sales, exhibits and booth fairs. Get creative with your presentation and your creativity to benefit from it.