Uluru on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips

Posted on Apr 21 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Money-Saving Tips to Enjoy UluruAs most budget travellers know, travelling around Australia could get costly real quick, and Uluru or Ayers Rock is no exception. However, there are plenty of ways you can save money and still have the Outback experience of your life.

Budget Accommodations in Uluru

If you’re travelling by yourself or with other people, there are affordable motel units you can choose from. These units come in twin, triple, queen, family, and dorm configurations and are equipped with necessities such air conditioning, a television, complimentary milk, tea or coffee, and even ensuite bathrooms. If you brought your camping gear or a caravan, you can also find accommodation in Uluru camping or caravan grounds to save more money.

Getting to Uluru

The most economical option is vehicle relocation and some even offer to pay for your fuel for a part or most of the journey. You could also consider driving, but keep in mind the fuel costs since Uluru is extremely far — approximately 23 to 24 hours from Melbourne — yes, that far. You could also find other budget travellers so you can lift share and split the costs with them. You could likewise opt to hire drive from the closest major town to Uluru (about 6 hours), which is Alice Springs. However, you still have to get yourself to Alice Springs so consider that. In addition, you can take a plane from Sydney, although not exactly cheap, it’s the most convenient and fastest, plus you can always save on your other expenses.

Other Money-Saving Tips

Consider going to Ayers Rock between October and April, which is the low season so you can get discounted rates on accommodation and tours. While you’ll have to prepare yourself for the heat, tours are usually done in the early morning or evening when the heat is bearable. You’ll also have to battle the flies so arm yourself with waterproof mosquito repellents and a net cap. You can likewise bring some food and snacks that you can easily put together so you won’t have to spend lots of money on food.

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Now that you a pretty good idea of where you can cut costs, don’t forget to have a great time. Save when you can and splurge when you can because you’ll never now when you’ll be back to experience the Australian Outback again.