Types of Eye Injuries that Demand the Use of Protective Eye-wear

Posted on Aug 3 2017 - 8:44am by Admin

Man wearing his protective glasses while workingAccording to a study, at least 55% of eye injuries occur at the workplace, causing employees to miss at least three days of work. Using the right protective gear is the best way to avoid eye injury in the work site.

According to the same study, at least 90% of eye injuries can be prevented if the correct measures are used. Here are some eye injuries that you should watch out for:

Penetration Injuries

This form of damage is dangerous, as it easily leads to permanent loss of vision. These injuries occur when objects, such as staples, nails, or slivers of metal or wood, tear and penetrate through the eyeball. To prevent these injuries, wear protective glasses while working. If it happens, seek medical attention immediately

Chemical/Thermal Burn Injuries

Industrial chemicals, such as home cleaning products, herbicides and pesticides, are amongst the most common causes of burns on one eye or both. In addition, welders are at a constant risk of thermal burns from the machinery that they use. These burns result in extensive and severe damage to the eye and might also affect the surrounding tissues.

Striking/ Scraping Injuries

These are the most common types of injuries. They occur when small objects or particles rub the eye. These can be wood chips, dust particles, metal pieces or cement granules. In addition, you may be hit by a huge blunt object, such as a piece of wood from overhead causing blunt force trauma to the eye socket or the eye ball.

For eye protection requirements, protective eyeglasses are enough. These come with safety lenses and frames that have side shields to offer protection from flying objects. This way, you will be well protected from items that can bruise, pierce or damage your eyes.

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