Types of Brochure Print Finishes

Posted on May 15 2018 - 7:50pm by Business Day TV

commercial printing machineBrochures introduce your brand to the world. They have an opportunity to capture the attention of the recipient for good or to lose it just as permanently. The print finish will play as significant a role as the message.

Perhaps even more substantial seeing as research suggests that people have two seconds upon receiving a brochure within which they decide based on its appearance whether or not to read it. Many brochure printing services give you an option to choose a finish that you like.

Few take the time to recommend one that marries with your overall message and the image you want to be associated with. It is essential to take the time to learn the nooks and crannies of print finishing so that you can better communicate regarding the appearance of your brochures.

Below are three types of paper finishes:

Paper stock

The audience will decide a lot depending on the quality of your paper stock. Good paper works hand in hand with design to sell a professional image. While at it, consider the coating on the stock. A glossy one enhances the colors and highlights the brilliance of your design.

At the same time, matte coatings lend depth and elegance, so be sure to pick the option that is most representative of your brand.

Size of paper

Over sized brochures immediately get the attention of the audience. You want to achieve that as a first response for people to interact with your content. However, bigger is not always better. A sometimes smaller paper may be more preferred as it is easy to carry.

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Die cut

Die cuts make a statement about your brand, but they also draw attention. You can have a rounded corner to denote elegance or fine cuts with a call-to-action. If you utilize die cuts correctly, they should help to build the image you are angling for fast.

When liaising with a printing service, make sure that they understand your brand. It pays to present them a brief before they start producing your marketing material. If need be, ask them as much as you need to know so that whatever options you settle serve your company well.