Tucking Your Spare House Key in the Right Place

Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 2:46am by Business Day TV

tunes error fixSpare House Key There will always be that one occasion when you will forget to bring that house key. Times like these will make you thank your own wits for keeping an extra key somewhere outside the house.
Security companies and locksmiths in Miami, such as MyLocksmithMiami.com may agree that burglars have a knack for spotting clues that will help them gain entry to your home. They will surely look at some places right outside the house for your spare key. Outwit them by tucking the key in the right spot.

Worst Places

The doormat in the entrance is absolutely the worst place to hide your key. This is certainly the first spot burglars will look at. It’s equally risky  to keep it under a flower pot. Putting it among the rocks in your mini-garden will be obvious. It is also unwise just to keep it in your wallet or handbag.

Best Places

The ideal place to keep your key is in your trusted neighbor’s hands. You may also keep one in the car. If you have a burly and unfriendly dog, you can keep it in the doghouse; just make sure that your dog is trained and isn’t easily bribed.
The sidings of your home will also make a good itunes error fix hiding place. You can slip the key into the undersides or gaps of the sidings; better still, hide it at the rear of the house. If there are trees within your yard, you may nail the key into one of them; make sure that it’s not easily seen or reached.
If you keep forgetting or losing your regular house keys, hiding an extra is advisable. Nevertheless, it should not be taken lightly. Keep these tips in mind to avoid becoming another statistic in the growing number of burglary cases in the country today.

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