Top Tips to Recruit the Best Part-Time Employees

Posted on Aug 25 2017 - 8:16am by Business Day TV

Recruiter hired the part-time employeeIn the recent past, part-time jobs have become increasingly popular among many professionals. Regardless of the industry, both male and female professionals seem to prefer part-time schedules as opposed to the traditional full-time jobs.

If you have been looking to tap into this talent and find reliable staff for your part-time vacancies, use these tips.

Do a background check

While a part-time job carries less weight than a full time one, it is still important that the person you hire is both responsible and trustworthy. So before taking any one in, do online criminal record checks to establish whether they have ever been involved in unlawful activities before. This puts your mind at ease.

Pick the part-time jobs carefully

Decide early whether the job you are creating can accommodate a part-time schedule. Are you trying to fit too much activity into inadequate time? Then it is better to hire one professional on a full-time basis.

Be specific on your descriptions

There are so many people looking for part-time jobs out there, so you need to be precise who exactly you are looking for. Is the position open to fresh talent, or are you looking for seasoned individuals? To get the best, spend more time in writing a detailed description of what you really want.

Be smart about where you post the job

Keep in mind that you are not looking to attract as many people as you can, but rather the right people. So you need not place the ad on TV. It is much wiser to post the job on websites that specialise on specific niches. A focused site helps you reach the relevant people.

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Filling a vacancy for a part-time job needs not give you a headache. By being thorough in the recruiting process, you can get just the right person for your company.