Things You Must Include in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on Apr 13 2017 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Online marketing collaborationA digital marketing strategy is a coordinated effort to support your overall marketing objective. With shifts in technology, digital marketing is becoming more important than traditional marketing. Here are five things that your digital marketing strategy should incorporate.

Pay Per Click

PPC is a measure aimed at maximizing your visibility on the Internet. It involves the use of display ads and sponsored links. Display ads include the use of banners or other visuals on other websites with the aim of drawing attention to your site. Sponsored ads such as Google AdWords are a brilliant way of being noticed and generating traffic. Here, your website link appears above the organic searches every time a user looks for a relevant search. In Calgary, PPC services are affordable and accessible from digital marketing professionals such as Parxavenue Ltd.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Research has revealed that Internet users rarely go beyond the first page of the search results displayed by a search engine. The top spots get more attention and traffic than the less prominent ones. Ranking highly on search engines is like setting shop on a busy street downtown; you are likely to do better than somebody that is occupying a backstreet alley. Search engine optimization is the technique of improving the ranking of your website on search engines.

An excellent Site

here is a reason why there are over one trillion web pages on the World Wide Web today. It is the new frontier for business. If your company does not have a proper site, you are losing big time, and your business’ survival is in jeopardy. Statistics have shown that 85 percent of consumers go online to search for local businesses and this number is growing every day. This means that a majority of customers will bypass any business that does not have a strong online presence. A website is a clear representation of your brand and can be a powerful marketing tool.

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Email marketing

Even though this seems old-fashioned, it is still one of the most effective ways of generating leads and clinching new business. It involves building an email list and then sending highly targeted messages to your target market. You then evaluate the feedback and do a follow-up.

Content Creation

Content is what rules the Web. Every day there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google alone. All of these queries are from people looking for relevant information. Content creation is about publishing useful information on your website or blog that will draw Internet users’ attention to your services.