The Web Design Trends Every Business Should Leave Behind—Now

Posted on Jun 29 2015 - 8:53am by Business Day TV

Website designWeb design service is like many other forms of art. There are fads, movements, and all-out infatuations. Realism, stonewashed jeans, and bell-bottoms, for instance, are trends that we once loved. Some, such as realism, continue to prevail, while others, such as bell-bottoms, are better off buried in the back of the closet.

The same is true for web design. There were spectacular trends that emerged in recent years: parallax effects, single-page websites, and more—and not all of them continue to prevail. In fact, many of these trends are fleeting, and only a select few will be around for the long haul.

Know the trends that you should leave behind so you can meet the dynamic changes happening in the world of web design:

Desktop-Only Sites

Let’s face it: smartphones and tablets have taken the technology world by storm—and sites, including yours, now have to conform. In fact, Google is pushing the issue further by ranking sites based on their mobility. Sites that can only be viewed on a desktop or laptop will be phased out as users look for a page they can visit on the go.

Starting today, hire a web design company to handle the task of making your site mobile-friendly if you still want to stay ahead.

Unreal Stock Photos

With programs like Pic Monkey making editing photos simple, and too many royalty-free photos popping up here and there, stock photos are the easiest to find. Because they are so easy to find, however, more than a thousand websites in one industry use the exact same image. Yikes. So much for being unique.
Stock photography is not all that bad, however. Choose your photos well and they can be an affordable way to brighten up your site.

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Share Buttons

Sure, you want to spread a piece of content on your site to the entire world. What happens, however, when you add too many options and buttons? Your site visitors get confused. You also clutter your site with icons that do not necessarily sit well with your design.

Simply choose the most important social media platforms, and then include only their buttons.

Whether you are working on WordPress web design or custom design, it is not enough to set up a site and leave it at that for the next five years. Trends change and users always expect something new—so start doing some updates right now.