The Truth Behind the Most Persistent Printing Business Myths

Posted on Dec 28 2017 - 2:17pm by Business Day TV

Man and woman working on their printing businessMany aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for printing franchise opportunities — and for a good reason. With the right location and professional guidance, the profit potential of the business can be great. The rise of digital media, though, has put a dent in the popularity of printed materials. While it’s true that print is no longer the only marketing medium in town, it is still worth investing in.

To fully appreciate the printing business, debunk the most stubborn myths about it:

Print Advertising Is Dead

Even if Australians are glued to mobile devices and consume digital content almost every time, direct mail is still relevant. Research shows that nearly all people open mail, six out of ten read it thoroughly, and about 40% scan it for items of interest. Furthermore, 54% save it for later reference.

Local businesses still consider direct mail as an effective way to promote and sell offerings. In the 21st century, successful marketing plans combine print and digital ads along with social media and search engine optimisation.

Print Doesn’t Lend Itself to Personalisation

Contrary to popular belief, printed materials can be tailored to their intended readers. Although they’re mass-produced, they’re customisable to the last detail to personalise the message they carry and make them more appealing.

Print Marketing Breaks the Bank

The cost acquisition of direct mail can be more budget-friendly than paid search and Internet display. In fact, your cost per item decreases as you increase the volume of your print campaign.

Print Harms the Environment

If you use manufactured materials responsibly, you can keep your impact on nature to a minimum. Using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks are one way to reconcile business with sustainability.

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Leave your mark on the local economy and reap promising financial rewards with a printing business. With the best franchise deal, you can quickly learn the ropes to be your own boss with little stress.