The Search for Missing Persons Starts Online

Posted on May 30 2018 - 3:23pm by Business Day TV

Police conducting investigationWhen you want to search for missing persons, the places that come to your mind for assistance are online databases and authorities. However, there are plenty of reasons a person might be missing in Auckland.

A person is missing if they do not get back home when they should be. Missing persons include senior citizens, kids, teens and young adults. They could be missing because they were abducted or have no way of informing their parents, guardians, family or friends where they are.

There are others who are missing because they don’t want to be found. These include parents, husbands or wives who have abandoned their family. Also included in this category are those who owe money, or are hiding from the law.

The Search

Nowadays, the search for missing persons usually begins online. The New Zealand police have a missing persons resources page, which helps people trying to find their relatives with a list of websites that could contain relevant information.

Beyond that, the authorities, relatives or friends of missing persons can also ask assistance from private investigators. These usually have viable resources which are not available to the authorities.

Some of the websites which can be useful in tracking missing persons include the following:

  • Red Cross website
  • The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service website
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Safe Travel web page
  • The New Zealand Search and Rescue page
  • The Australian Federal Police Missing Persons web pages
  • The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children website
  • The UK Missing Persons Bureau
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Due to the nature of missing persons, no single database is complete. There is always a chance that the person you are trying to find is not in any database.

What is important is that these lists serve as a starting point for a search. Searching for missing persons is not an easy task, but these databases help to get the search started.