The Most Significant SEO Trends of 2016

Posted on Mar 31 2016 - 7:05am by Business Day TV

SEOThe New Year has brought with it a whole new way of doing business virtually. The rules keep changing, the dynamics keep evolving and the digital marketing game keeps getting more cut-throat. How do you survive in an ever-changing climate online marketing? How does one keep with fluctuating SEO trends that change faster than you can say Google? Here’s a heads up on 2016’s most impactful SEO trends.

Mobile Optimization will be The Key

Google searches a on mobile phones outnumber those on desktops in about 10 countries, including the US. The number of smart-phone users has been growing rapidly in the last few years, and Google’s internal data has reinforced the fact that mobile traffic is now on par with desktop traffic.

This trend will only grow stronger in the coming year, with mobile marketing trends upstaging the traditional desktop optimization. Offer your audience a stellar browsing experience by optimizing your site for mobile devices, and you’re good to go.

Videos over Written Content

Written content will make way for more engaging, interactive and visually appealing content formats. Images, videos, highly detailed info-graphics and other quick information capsules will be preferred over elaborate pieces of text. Several video apps have contributed to greater onus on videos for more enhanced viewer engagement and ROI success.

Social Content Will Rule

Search engines will place a higher emphasis on indexing content from the social media. Boosting Facebook posts and other social media higher for search rankings will become critical for businesses.  Brands social media pages and profiles are going to show up in search results over their web pages, which make them so crucial for optimum visibility. What was earlier just another complimentary component of the digital marketing mix has now become the key player.

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Conclusion: The Changing SEO Game

Get help from an expert from a Denver SEO company to help you negotiate the highly dynamic rules of the SEO game for the coming year. SEO in 2016 is all about optimizing your web business for mobile device users, creating more visual content formats, and optimizing your social media pages for search engine rankings.