The Most Effective Types of Videos for Hotel Marketing

Posted on Apr 25 2017 - 12:51am by Business Day TV

A VideographerHoteliers know the importance of videos when advertising their establishments. However, just producing and publishing a video isn’t enough to effectively reach your audience. Certain types of videos deliver the results you are looking for, here are some of them.

Guest of the Month

Guests want to feel valued and appreciated; one way to share your establishment cares about each one that stays with them is to publish a video about them. A ‘Guest of the Month’ video allows you to connect with your clientele on a personal level. Let them discuss what they feel about their stay, whether positive or room for improvement, and share their experiences with you. A hotel marketing agency notes that this strategy also shows that you value the relationships you have with previous guests.

Tours Around the Hotel

Virtual tours are becoming popular for hotels who want to showcase their rooms and facilities. Doing so provides potential guests with a good look at your hotel. They can visualize themselves walking through the halls, lying down on the bed, swimming in the pool or lazing on the lounge chairs. It also provides you with the chance to show people what it’s like to walk into your establishment for the first time. This video type makes your audience feel like they are already in your hotel and get comfortable with the idea of booking.

Employees of the Week/Month

This approach is similar to the ‘Guest of the Month’ strategy as it adds a human element to your brand. This shows your potential visitors that you care about your staff and what they have to say. This is also a great platform to let your employees do the selling for you and allow them to speak about why your audience should choose you.

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These are some of the video types that you should consider when you publish content on your sites or social media. These add a human face to your brand and allow you to build a stronger brand image.