The Millennial Graduate’s Guide to Landing a Job

Posted on Jan 8 2016 - 10:59am by Business Day TV

GraduatesAn article from the Wall Street Journal claims that today’s graduates have a good shot in the job market of all millennials.

While the first batch of millennials had a rough time surviving the job hunt, today’s graduates might have an easier time as they enter the workforce.  According to the article, the labor market focuses on two aspects, in terms of careers: the state of the person as he enters the workforce and the first decade of his career.

For the class of 2016 onwards, their first decade will remain unclear until 2026. But there’s enough reason to believe you can make it big in the workforce. According to Hopewell Staffing LLC, a recruitment agency, you just have to know your way.

How Millennials Look for Jobs

Today’s generation consists of digital natives. Yet, despite the changes in technology, most millennial graduates end up using traditional methods to look for a job.

Whether they are looking for a part-time job for the summer or a full-time work after college, they often depend on recruiters for help. Other social sources for employment, such as LinkedIn, are also available for assistance.

Some Generation Y graduates prefer to take their time in entering the workforce. Some do so to relax after school, while others have to deal with the dimming prospects, especially after the first six months.

The Search: Combining Old and New

Most millennials feel comfortable looking for a job with traditional tools. You can also benefit from this method. Job boards, college career services, and searching on the prospective company’s websites are still helpful.

Some rely solely on the power of the Internet. According to a MonsterCollege survey, 78% of fresh graduates use the network to find the job they want. While it helps to post resumes online, they should stand out by making connections

To win at the job game, it pays to combine both methods. Don’t just depend on one of them; combine the power of traditional and contemporary approaches.

Millennials are fortunate because they can use the best of both worlds to their advantage when job hunting. Surviving the growing workplace jungle is easy enough; just learn to navigate properly with the tools that are available.