The Key to Purchasing the Land of Your Dreams

Posted on Jun 21 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

a couple thinking of buying land There is something really exciting about the prospect of buying a piece of land. Imagine a property for sale in Melbourne West as a blank canvas waiting for your grand design. The raw, untouched state of land is the perfect site to build your dream home from the ground up. However, experts at Westbrook Estate note that looking for and purchasing land is a more complicated process than one would expect.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a veteran one, here are three essential things to factor in prior to making a purchase.

1. Zoning districts

Prior to making an offer and commitment, you have to check whether the piece of land you are interested in is zoned for residential construction. There are local zoning ordinances in place in every area and some hunk of earth may be dedicated t agricultural, retail, or industrial use. Do not fall in love with the idea of building your home in one space just yet. Do your homework and check the local zoning districts in the locality. It will save you time and effort if you do so.

2. The Cost

It is no secret that purchasing land requires a considerable amount of financial resources. If you are dreaming to construct your dream home in that plot of land, the cost doesn’t stop from this substantial purchase. Expenses are also hefty as you get the land ready for construction. Aside from the actual price of the land, you would need funds for the survey, permits, as well as clearing of the site. You need to consider this when you factor in the cost.

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3. Utilities

If you are like most modern people, you would want your home to have modern-day conveniences. Things like running water and electricity are essential in the modern home. Check the viability of these installations in the site before going further.

Buying a piece of land is quite an adventure. Make sure that you get it right the first time by taking into consideration these three essential factors.