The Increasing Complaints Regarding Health Plans

Posted on Jul 25 2018 - 2:47pm by Business Day TV

Health Plan FormMore people have been able to afford medical insurance for themselves and their families since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), DECO says. But this health reform legislation can be a confusing minefield for many Americans.

Here are some of the struggles in shopping for health insurance:

The Complications

For instance, a lot of people have reported to the Consumer’s Union about how they dread shopping for medical insurance. The reasons are due to the complicated options and the difficulty in finding a health insurance plan that matches their needs.

More Americans are also tempted to make short-cuts to simplify the process. For example, some of them don’t check the breakdowns of the plans on offers or glossaries just for the sake of speeding up their application.

The Value of Insurance

The high price of health insurance and deductibles led an increasing number of people to question whether they want insurance in the first place. Some think it’s a way to save up, but insurance protects them from the costs of unexpected medical emergencies and large medical bills. revealed in its survey that only 37 percent of Americans have enough savings. These savings may be enough to pay for a $500 or $1,000 emergency. This strengthens the necessity of ACA.

Confusing Jargon

The worst part is the complexity of the health insurance. Some of them find it hard to understand everything that the plan offers. Others had no idea on how to assess the value of the plan they were interested in.

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As ACA policies include a narrower scope of providers than workplace insurance policies, another concern was whether their doctor would be included in their plan. One consumer bought a Blue Cross silver plan for $500 but when she tried to visit her regular doctor using the plan, she found she couldn’t. The practice was affiliated with a medical center over state lines.

ACA assistance is available for confused consumers, including marketplace outreach and application services to help families understand what’s on offer and get the coverage they really need for a price they can afford.