The Health Hazards of Using the Wrong Nail Polish

Posted on Jul 5 2016 - 9:59am by Business Day TV

Nail PolishWomen are looking for new ways to stand out especially when it comes to beauty. This has led to the invention of new styles but unfortunately, some of these enhancers end up being harmful to our health. The following are some of the hazards that result from using wrong nail polish:

Some nail polishes are a combination of toxins

The emphasis on using toxic-free nail polish is not in vain. Many nail polish products in the market promise elegance, but what people do not know is that this beauty comes at a price. You need to consider the chemical composition of the chemicals if you want to remain safe.

Some of the chemicals found in nail polish include formaldehyde, which may cause difficulty in breathing, wheezing, and asthma attacks among other symptoms. Some people suffer from allergic reactions and eye complication when exposed to certain nail polish.

Nail polish is absorbed into the body

This is a cause for concern. Research involving a number of women volunteers proved that the body produces more DPHP, a chemical produced when the body metabolizes TPHP — a component in nail polish. Today, women had higher levels of DPHP after polish application. Their urine samples show that any other harmful chemicals in nail polish also find their way into the body system.

Lacks regulatory oversight

Another thing that makes nail polish harmful is that some people don't follow its labeled directions. Some of the chemicals used in these products have not undergone assessment, so the nail polish you're probably using have not had its necessary tests. It is possible that users are taking in the raw chemicals as they are.

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If you must apply any nail polish then make sure that it safe. Find out the ingredients used in its processing before using it. You can avoid unnecessary health complications in the name of beauty.