The Differences between Hiring Specialist Tradespersons and Handymen

Posted on Jul 24 2017 - 1:31am by Business Day TV

Man fixing the sinkNot every major home improvement job requires the services of a handyman, in the same sense that you do not need to hire a specialist tradesperson for smaller projects.

There is a thin line differentiating the services provided by these two types of labourers, and knowing that can help you determine who to call for your next home concern.

Licensed Work

If you require drain unblocking services or any other plumbing work, a licensed contractor such as Walton Plumbing serves as a better option than hiring a handyman. Other specialised work that requires particular training and knowledge include gas-fitting, electrical and structural projects around the house.

On the other hand, you can compare a handyman to a jack-of-all-trades kind of workers. They possess a general knowledge of smaller home improvement work, which normally does not require any licensing or certification.

From building bookshelves or painting your house, a handyman could perform several activities in a single visit. For other jobs, it is a matter of preference or budget requirements. A handyman and a specialist tradesperson can both install tiles, but it is preferable to hire the latter for better results.

Right Jobs

In some cases, a handyman can handle plumbing concerns provided these involve work anywhere above the sink. For instance, replacing a faucet is fine for a handyman to work on, but you will need a licensed person if you want to install a new hot water cylinder.

By hiring the right person for your plumbing concerns, you may avoid covering financial damages from poor work. A licensed plumber can also identify any potential flooding problems if your water system uses flexible braided hoses.

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It can be confusing at certain times when to hire a specialist tradesperson or a handyman. However, remember that if a certain home repair requires technical knowledge, you should consider contacting a licensed contractor. For other general work, a handyman is your best option.