The Current State of the SEO Industry

Posted on May 26 2016 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

SEO IndustryWhen talking about the SEO industry today, it’s safe to talk in leaps and bounds. Viper Online Marketing, along with other SEO companies, has established their own empires within the extremely expansive industry. Just how expansive, you ask? Take these numbers for starters: the SEO industry is worth massive $65 billion. Experts even predict that it will grow to an estimated $79 billion by 2020.

Crunching More Numbers

In terms of overall coverage, SEO’s scope is astounding. An estimated 863 million websites around the world mention the term SEO. People look for SEO services and other related concepts a lot, too. The terms “SEO services,” “SEO company,” and “SEO tools” comprised a major part of related searches in 2012. Each tallied an estimated 60,000, 49,000, and 33,000 searches, respectively.

Here’s how big the industry is in terms of actual people engagement. Every second, 3.5 people look up “SEO” on search engines such as Google. What this means is that over 9 million web users get interested in the subject every month. The top five countries in terms of interest are as follows, in descending order: India, Pakistan, the Philippines, United States and Canada.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

The industry evolves at a lightning-fast pace. Multiple algorithm updates have come and go, drastically changing and affecting search strategy in one go. The popularity of the mobile platform soared and furthered the importance of mobile optimisation for the welfare of users.

A bright future awaits the industry as a whole. Experts predict that the number of search users will experience a massive increase. There’s also the efforts of companies such as Google to try and make Internet access universal. One can always add other potential trends such as the rise of alternative search engines, the further decline of traditional ads in terms of effectiveness, and more complex practices. The changes are seemingly endless.

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One thing is for certain: the industry is massive. But, it’s impossible to accurately track its growth rate; thus, blurring what the future really holds. What remains is that SEO has gained a foothold in the world and is not likely to loosen its grip any time soon.