Tech Business Ideas that You Can Start Exploring Now

Posted on Apr 9 2018 - 5:15pm by Business Day TV

 Man checking a serverTechnology and entrepreneurs have become almost synonymous. Entrepreneurs create breakthrough technology, and most entrepreneurs leverage technology to break through.

With electronic gadgets of every size and function permeating our lives, whether we’re at home, in the office, or on the go, what Forbes magazine calls the “e-fixers” have also emerged. E-fixers are people and businesses that remedy tech meltdowns of any kind or scale.

If you have the workings of an e-fixer and looking to invest in a new enterprise, it makes sense to go for a tech franchise or business. Here are five franchises you can explore:

PC Trade, Sales, and Service

If you have technical savvy and an expert understanding of computer models and .makes as well as how they work, a computer store franchise could be your most viable option.  Choose a franchisor that offers multiple services on top of computer and device sales, including repair of laptops, tablets, and phones, and trade-ins of devices. As you’re investing in a franchise, you’re likely to profit from a diverse set of offerings without stressing over having to stress over the administrative aspects.

App Development

What do WhatsApp and Snapchat have in common? They both started as an idea for an application development business. App programming is a promising avenue to explore, as people are increasingly becoming reliant on applications to carry out daily tasks, from ordering food to finding the services they need.


From industries to medical applications, robots are now being used to handle simple tasks as well as sophisticated ones that require high levels of precision. With these said, the robotics market is becoming more lucrative. While a robot manufacturing and programming company may seem like a long shot for a first-time entrepreneur, you may start by opening a store that sells robots.

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At the rate technology landscape continues to change, an ability to adapt to fast-paced changes while catering to the needs of others has all the makings of a powerful business foundation.