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The principal purpose of having a website is for it to aid your attempts of attracting the attention of potential clients and being able to convert them. Because of this, the design you choose and also the SEO strategies you implement would play a significant role in determining whether your primary objective would be met or not. Here are three best practices for Web design...Continue reading »

Web design is the roadmap that takes consumers where you want them to go. To get your message across, exerting effort on a good one paves an efficient...Continue reading »

Recent statistics indicate that people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of the website. Having an old layout with lousy content may...Continue reading »

Are your analytics showing you that visitors are spending a very short time on your website? Then this should prompt you to shake things up and maybe introduce...Continue reading »

A website can make or break the overall experience of a visitor. There is a reason your target market decided to click on your website and explore it. The...Continue reading »

You might not notice just how outdated your website design is, but casual visitors do. They can compare your site to others that are constantly updating...Continue reading »

The colors you choose for your website can make or break conversions. If you sell toys for kids, you would want to use lively colors and avoid black as...Continue reading »