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The ideal answer for prospective homebuyers who do not have the funds to buy a house is a mortgage. For most borrowers, however, their primary concern...Continue reading »

Being an educated borrower pays off in the long run when buying a new home with a mortgage. Apart from being fully aware of what your home loan program...Continue reading »

Mortgage refinancing gives you a chance to upgrade your home loan. Typically, it is used to cut monthly payments or change the loan length. Shopping for...Continue reading »

Regardless of the amount of loan you are applying for and the type of property you plan to build or acquire using the mortgage, you will need to pay a...Continue reading »

Almost everyone’s been there: talking to a mortgage lender and then having an argument over one thing or the other. In the end, the borrower will not...Continue reading »

Put simply, homebuyers who choose a buy down mortgage will pay a reduced interest rate on their mortgage as well as their monthly payments. Property sellers and builders usually offer buydown options, typically on fixed rate mortgages in order that more home buyers will qualify for mortgages and increase the chance of selling their property with the irresistible low payment...Continue reading »

When deciding which type of mortgage to apply for, you should base your final decision on a number of factors: interest rates, loan duration, down payment,...Continue reading »

Mortgage refinancing is a type of loan wherein the borrower takes out another loan to pay off existing debt. It helps you pay off all your debts faster...Continue reading »

So, why should you make use of a mortgage planner instead of borrowing a home loan from a bank? Some of its advantages are that they can help you look...Continue reading »