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Startup entrepreneurs may find themselves running out of funds in keeping their business. In this situation, they face the dilemma of where to get finance....Continue reading »

Running a commercial real estate business can be full of challenges, particularly on the financial aspect. When such challenges occur, it is sometimes necessary to seek additional capital from third-party entities. These entities may be lending corporations, government agencies, or even private individuals who wish to invest in your endeavor. While any of them can be...Continue reading »

The HARP program has been around since 2009. While it has reached around one million households in the US, surveys show that a majority of homeowners...Continue reading »

There may come a time when the bills and loans will be too much to handle. With the prices of commodities increasing, coupled with emergency spending,...Continue reading »

Mortgage refinancing is a type of loan wherein the borrower takes out another loan to pay off existing debt. It helps you pay off all your debts faster...Continue reading »