Sweat it Out, Mate: 4 Places to Exercise in Brisbane’s West End

Posted on May 24 2018 - 12:19pm by Business Day TV

Kitchen area of an apartmentIf you’re living in Australia, you’ve probably explored a lot of its usual tourist spots already. Known for its wildlife and natural habitats, Australia’s urban spots might get overlooked. And that’s not actually nice because it could be the right place for you to buy a home.

This shouldn’t be the case, though, because there are a lot of Australian metros that offer a wide range of activities. For instance, citrowestend.com.au notes that getting a house or apartment in Brisbane’s West End also means that you’ll have several fitness hubs for the gym-goer, athlete, or active individual in you.

Urban Climb West End

For rock climbing aficionados, go visit Urban Climb West End, an indoor climbing facility. They also have bouldering, yoga, and fitness classes for those interested. Families and groups of friends can go.

Studio Pilates International West End

Pilates is a sought-after activity because it improves strength, develops flexibility, and encourages endurance of the body. Thankfully, West End has Studio Pilates International as a Pilates hub for fitness buffs.

Brisbane Boxing West End

For those into more physically intensive sports like boxing, they can go to Brisbane Boxing West End for their boxing facilities. Boxing can hone your speed, strength, and coordination. A sparring coach can help you practice your spars or punches.

Bend and Fly

Bend and Fly is West End’s answer to yoga needs. It offers classes and facilities for standard yoga, as well as aerial yoga for those who do it. Yoga helps develop flexibility and calmness of mind.

West End in Brisbane offers fitness activities like yoga, rock climbing, boxing, or Pilates. This just makes the area all the more enticing for people to move into. If you happen to visit Brisbane looking for some healthy fun, West End is definitely the new ideal neighbourhood for you.

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