Strange Bedfellows: Can Lawyers and Psychologists Work Together

Posted on Apr 13 2015 - 7:13am by Business Day TV

Lawyer and DoctorMost people think that lawyers are one trick ponies that dedicate all of their energy to one thing, and shut everything else out. What these people don’t understand is that the law covers every possible aspect of human life and interaction. This forces lawyers to understand almost everything before putting it into the context of the law in order to present a convincing case.

An Unlikely Pairing

Perth workers compensation lawyers, for example, often have to consult and collaborate with doctors of certain specialised fields to act as an expert witness when necessary. The most common reason why lawyers call doctors to the stand is to describe the extent of injuries, construct a hypothesis on its origin, as well as estimate the cost of treatment.

This straightforward process is a staple in any injury claim case. A case that creates a bit more problems is one that necessitates the establishment of psychological damages, because it forces lawyers to work with psychologists. It doesn’t take a medical professional to conclude that psychology isn’t quite an exact science, which isn’t what lawyers are looking for when crafting an airtight argument.

Working Together

There’s enough conflict between the two professions to warrant its own reality show. Fortunately, clients have little to worry about since there are ways for them to work together. Most of the friction comes from the misunderstanding of what these professionals need. Lawyers want to establish a case, while psychologists want to treat mental harm.

Understanding and accepting the differences in their objectives will not only allow both professionals to work together better, but provide even better service for their clients. Psychologists who have experience working with lawyers know what the courts are looking for, and will identify those markers as soon as they can.

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A Better Partnership

Clients who choose firms that have a healthy partnership with a psychological clinic or office have plenty to gain when it comes to injury claims. Not only does proving psychological harm increase the potential award for damages, it can also identify underlying trauma and quickly begin the subsequent treatment.

When used effectively, a partnership between the psychology and the law is a potent one that can help many people overcome their injuries, whether they’re of the body or the mind.