Social Media: Your Dental Clinic’s New Bestfriend

Posted on Apr 7 2017 - 10:00am by Admin

Social Media ButtonMany dental clinics find themselves embracing many different marketing strategies, from TV commercials to having a website. So why not make use of social media platforms too?

Advantages of Social Media Platforms

Social media can give dental practices many benefits. Dominate Dental says that these can help bring client traffic, promotion, and sales to your dental business.


Social media improves your business’ visibility. People these days are well-versed in some form of social media. So when you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, it’s easier for people to search for you. These also make it easier to disseminate information like clinic hours, promos, and discounts.

Building Relationships

Your Facebook page is a great way to engage with your current and potential patients. Keeping your posts relevant and interesting will entice your patients to interact with the dental office in a more personal way. Although your content needs to be relevant, it does not have to be all about your dental clinic. You can throw in some local news and other things that you think might interest your audience.

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A regular Facebook user will have at least 150 friends, and when they interact with your page, their friends will also see this activity. Furthermore, when a friend is looking for a dental office, one of your followers can easily share your Facebook page.

How Does Social Media Work?

Setting up a social media account for your business is not magic. Your page probably won’t be a trending topic overnight; you will need to work hard to build a community by regularly sharing posts with relevant content and interacting with your followers.

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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the more popular social media platforms you can use for promoting your business. Make the Digital Age work for you and your dental practice.