Show and Tell: Conceptualising Effective Branded & Video Content

Posted on Jan 17 2017 - 6:41pm by Business Day TV

Video ContentThe internet is a haven of visual and aural material. Notice how, in real life, we react to the many forms of media. As an example, recall how a television commercial with a touching story can trigger emotions. Even if the product is unrelated to the content of the video, it is memorable enough to remind consumers of a personal experience. This is one way of creating effective video content – appealing to the audience’s emotions.

What is Branded and Video Content?

Thecoalshed provides a definition for branded and video content. The experts on brand and direct response TV commercial experts say that ‘branded entertainment and custom video’ have made ‘appearances in many different guises’. Basically, it is no new-fangled form of content as advertorial tools. The company adds that what makes branded and video content effective is the way it can capture an audience through ‘great storytelling’ or ‘standout creative’.

A Balance of Showing and Telling

They say that everything has been said and done, and whilst this may be the case, the ways of presenting a story continue to evolve. From print media, such as text and photos to jingles and commercials, online video content is growing to be all the rage – especially on social media platforms.

One way to package a story in a video is through a balanced use of showing and telling. Make the audience see, hear and feel what you desire them to experience through the images, sounds and theme in your video.

The Creative Process

In today’s highly competitive industry, reaching your audience is no longer that difficult. What matters today is the recall. To captivate and hold the attention of an audience is the real challenge. Before one comes up with video content that can do this, heavy brainstorming precedes production.

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The concept of effective branded and video content begins with the segregation of information. First, know who your target audience is; research on the demographics. Second, identify the specifics that can create a connection between your brand and the consumer. And lastly, incorporate these data when you throw ideas around for the video’s content.