Shared Office Spaces and Their 5 Core Values

Posted on Jan 9 2018 - 9:35pm by Business Day TV

Workers laughingCo-working spaces, as we know it today, have been around since 2005 and have been growing all over the world. It’s a new working culture born to break the routine of the “nine to five” — all thanks to technology.

It’s not only for those who are working but also those who want to invest. Many people have also been looking to acquire a co-working franchise to build a space that will encourage creativity and innovation.

Before you take on anything related to it, it’s best to understand the core values of co-working and how they will help you thrive with this kind of business venture.

1. Accessibility

People who look for a co-working space look for accessibility. You, yourself, wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of travelling far for a working space when you could just go to a nearby coffee shop.

Furthermore, working with people who choose to be in the same place as you gives a sense of trust and accomplishment. It helps you solve problems on your own instead of having to rely on managers.

2. Sustainability

Having a continuous process of giving and receiving among each other is what supports and nourishes this environment. Many businesses today want to use their resources within instead of looking for them externally.

3. Community

This value is most important because it gives you a sense of belonging as you work with people who have the same mindset, attitude, and goals as you.

4. Openness

This would be the same as having the freedom and independence from the sometimes suffocating corporate world. Working in a co-working space encourages stimulating conversations and faster ideations.

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5. Collaboration

When you’re in this environment, you don’t just work for yourself. You work with others or collaborate with them on fresh ideas or best practices that will benefit both parties.

This is a fresh and ingenious way of creating an environment that fits the working generation today. With these values at its core, everyone who interacts in one will truly benefit.