See the World: Start a Career in Shipping

Posted on Mar 22 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Starting a career in shippingIf you are looking for a career change, jobs in shipping offer an exciting opportunity to do something different from a regular office job. When you want to move to a new and more exciting job, a shipping career in Felixstowe could be waiting for you.

A career in international shipping offers variety and the unique chance to travel the world on a good wage. Working in the industry could earn you from £36,000 a year to £80,000, while the average office administrator’s salary is just a little over £20,500 a year.

What’s Great About Shipping Jobs

A career in the shipping industry offers the following advantage to those who have the appropriate skills:

1. It’s the perfect choice for people who love travel and tourism.

2. Shipping personnel can visit many places, ports, harbours, and even countries.

3. The job is unique: an international shipper will have the chance to expand his contacts and network to overseas.

Qualifications Required for Shipping Jobs

All people entering the shipping industry are required to have a good command of maths, science and English up to A-level or its equivalent before they can begin maritime training.

Depending on the exact nature of the job, job seekers must have a degree in maritime operations, international shipping, navigation and maritime science, maritime law or a similar course.

At least 12 months training at sea is needed to get the certification required to be an officer. Recruitment agencies in Felixstowe can help find the ideal shipping job for those interested in a career in international shipping.

Joining the shipping industry offers many opportunities, whether you want to work in an office or have the chance to travel, the industry provides a refreshing change from a nine to five job.

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