Safety and More: Why Homebuyers Choose to Move into a Community

Posted on Jun 23 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

House for saleIt’s never just about buying a house or a condominium unit. Real estate in Melbourne, Victoria is about lifestyle choice and convenience nowadays. Corporate executives, for instance, may be more likely to purchase pricier properties near the central business district rather than more affordable ones in the suburbs. The former is a more practical choice, mainly because it saves them travel time and allows them to be at a place where work, social, and family life all meet.

Building communities

In Australia and the rest of the world, property developments boast of being master-planned communities or township projects. This means that they are more than just rows upon rows of houses in the middle of nowhere. Developers and builders focus on the community that buyers will be moving into and not just the physical structure. This is why projects have pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, gardens and playgrounds. The development should also be accessible by driving, by bus, or train and should be within city limits.

For properties near the CBD, one of the selling points is to cut travel time or commute to mere minutes to have more time for oneself or one’s family. Marketers boast of proximity to schools, restaurants, shopping areas, as well as other places of recreation.

In areas where these don’t exist yet, the developers partner with several organizations to ensure that roads are built, shopping places are constructed, and new hospitals are opened to service the influx of new residents.

Prioritising safety and security

Every homeowner is concerned about security and safety. Gated communities have guards operating the gates 24/7. Apart from surveillance cameras, there are also systems in place to guarantee the safety of people living inside.

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It’s important to consider these points when buying a new home, a lot for sale, or condo unit. Remember that you’ll be staying there for a good number of years, so it’s necessary to weigh the advantages of moving there against staying at your current location.