Rekindling the Love: Ways to Pimp up your Ride so it Feels New

Posted on Sep 26 2018 - 7:49pm by Business Day TV

Give your car a total makeoverAre you falling out of love with your car, and tired of how it looks? Do not dispose of it yet. Instead, rekindle the feelings you had for it when you first acquired it by giving it a facelift to deliver it from the monotonous and dull look. With a few changes, you can make your ride look new. The process will involve changing both the interior and exterior accessories as discussed below.

Revamp the Outside

While there might seem like there isn’t much you can do to give your automobile a facelift; some touchups will go a long way. Having a new paint job done, installing new windshields and getting a headlight restoration in Arizona will all go a long way in giving your ride a fresh look.

Touch Up the Dashboard and Steering Wheel

You get to see and feel the dashboard and steering wheel every time you get into your car. They should give you a good feeling every time you use it. Buy customized covers that suit your style for both. If your speedometer has faded over the years, consider getting a new illumination knob and switches.

Update the Electronics

Is your car sound system outdated? Consider swapping it for a new one. Get one that can integrate with an iPhone, iPod or satellite radio. It should also have a Bluetooth connection. Consider an Electronic (GPS) navigation system too.

Refurbish the Wheels and Rims

Rims and wheels can look new with wheels and fender lights. You can also use spinners if you don’t like to attract attention. Go for tires that enhance the grip, handling and cornering at high speeds. Do not forget to align your wheels regularly.

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Tint your windows

Tinting your car gives it class, sophistication, and privacy. They also protect your valuables from prying eyes and your skin from ultraviolet rays. Your upholstery will stand protected from fading and cracking due to harsh sun rays too.

These cool changes will customize your car giving it a new look. It will also showcase your style and personality, thus separate you from everyone else using the universal accessories.