Reduce Overhead in Restaurant Business

Posted on Dec 19 2017 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Man smiling in his restaurantThe restaurant business can be quite competitive – which is why it’s important for restaurant owners to keep their expenses low and their profits high. Following are some tips on how to minimise your costs.

Buy Consumables By Bulk

Buying in bulk is typically cheaper, but it should be limited to the consumables. For example, you can purchase tissue paper wholesale and save several dollars in the process. Over time, this can add up to a lot in the business.

Portion Your Handouts

Catsup, mustard, and other condiments are best handed out in small packets rather than given out in self-serve containers. This gives you better chances of controlling the amount that will be used by each customer. You can provide additional packets if asked, but more often than not, customers will limit themselves to what was handed out. You can also try this technique when it comes to tissue and other consumables.

Do Not Overstaff

Overstaffing is one of the primary reasons why restaurant spend more on expenses as they try to meet the salary of their employees. Make a point of figuring out exactly how many people are needed to keep the restaurant operational. Focus on cross training so your people can fill in many jobs at the same time. The slight increase in their salary for this added function will be less than hiring two people for two different jobs.

Smart Inventory

Always be wary of your inventory and know what products move and which don’t. If there are items that aren’t selling, then you might as well stop buying them and simply focus on what products are being sold. Sometimes, fewer products on offer are better, and you can just add more items as demand dictates.

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Of course, those are just some techniques to consider. You’ll find that as you move along, you’ll find better ways to cut corners without reducing quality.