Reading Subdivision Reviews as Referrals to Townships

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

Man reading subdivision reviews from his tabletThere are plenty of subdivision reviews, like Lancaster New City review. What separates these reviews from one another is the extent of the review. This is also where the descriptions fail. There is more to new subdivisions than just the amenities inside the gated walls of the property.

These are no longer isolated subdivisions but are part of townships. A township is a large development project, typically 10 hectares or more, with residential subdivisions, hospitals, malls, offices buildings, churches and schools, all built as a planned community.

To properly appreciate a subdivision, it should also encompass the amenities and the benefits of having all these other buildings as part of the overall development.

Reviews as Testimonials

It is hard to write a review about a new land development project with the scope of Lancaster New City. It is a community which is self-sufficient and self-sustaining. In such a case, any review will always be lacking. The reviews will attempt to give a viewpoint but will fail to see the big picture, because the development itself is big.

The land development project is about creating a community, with great amenities, and there will always be something left out. However, it is important to note that reviews are referrals. The reviewer knows what he likes, wants and needs from a development project, and in most instances, this is what the review is all about. He is referring the subdivision to the reader and points out what the property has to offer.

Importance of Amenities

With current open land for subdivisions getting farther and farther from Metro Manila, it has become important for these developments to be self-contained townships. Up to the 1990s and 2000s, subdivisions were located near existing schools and hospitals. It was expected that people would still work in the city.

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Nowadays, subdivisions have become part of township developments. It is no longer just amenities, but also social infrastructures are included in the development project. These include churches, hospitals, schools, malls and offices built around an area, where the residential subdivisions are going to be located.

To review Lancaster New City, it is also essential to see the amenities it comes with. It is no longer sufficient to see that the subdivisions are self-contained communities, but that these are also sustainable communities.