Quick Guide on Care and Maintenance of Solar Panels

Posted on Jun 13 2018 - 3:45pm by Business Day TV

Solar panels installed on a red roofIt’s no doubt that solar panels are awesome electricity savers. But sometimes, we tend to forget that they need care and maintenance, too. Worry no more, for here’s how you can give your solar panels some loving to make them more beneficial and long-lasting.

Don’t forget to wash them

Getting your solar panels washed is essential to get rid of dirt and debris that might be blocking the sunlight. Some maintenance companies are washing solar panels in Prescott, so you don’t have to climb the roof yourself. These professionals are experienced in cleaning solar panels, so you can be sure that they will get the job done well and efficiently.

The frequency of the washing depends on your home or business environment. If your place is within a desert, in a construction site, or just in a plainly dusty location, you might need to have your solar panels washed as often as once a week. However, if you’re somewhere that’s not so windy and dusty, then having them washed once a month will do.

Make sure there’s no shade

Solar panels need complete and direct exposure to the sun to be fully productive. If there’s a tree branch or any object obstructing them, they cannot provide optimum output to help lower your electricity costs. That said, make sure they are out of the shade. If there’s a tree branch blocking the panels, just trim them.

Check them regularly

Finally, don’t forget to give your panels regular check-ups. Make sure the wires underneath them are intact and in good working condition. If you notice tears on the wires, have them fixed right away to avoid further damage and to ensure that your solar panels are in their best state and performance.

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Giving your solar panels some care and loving is as easy as following these tips. With proper care and maintenance, you can definitely get the most out of them.