Pro Tools: What Professional Janitors Use for Commercial Cleaning

Posted on Mar 26 2018 - 7:18am by Business Day TV

Professional cleanersThe general look of your business premises is of paramount importance. An unclean environment can turn away clients and make you come across as unprofessional.

However, in-house cleaning services might be expensive and require a lot of time to supervise. This might significantly hurt your bottom line.

Getting expert janitorial services in Chula Vista to handle your office cleaning is the cost and time-efficient option. Fortunately, there are janitorial companies out there that are armed with the right commercial cleaning equipment to help your office stay spotlessly clean. Check with your janitorial service provider if they use any of these tools and equipment:

Tile and Grout Cleaners

It might not be possible for you or your in-house cleaners to get on their knees and scrub every inch of your tile floor. Expert janitorial companies are equipped with specialized equipment including grout cleaning machines that efficiently remove grout from tile floors. These equipment have high-pressure levels and high temperatures that fight even the toughest stains on office bathrooms and kitchens.

High-Speed Burnishing Machines

Brooms and mops might not be as efficient for cleaning floors in high-traffic areas. Professional janitors come with high-speed burnishing machines designed to remove all kinds of dirt and stains. These machines have hard surface brooms which that scrub all types of floors until they’re good as new.

High-Powered Vacuums

Regular vacuums might not work for plush office carpets and rugs. The most efficient machines are the high-powered ones that will leave your carpets looking new. Professional cleaners use machines with the right heat levels for removing dirt and stains from surfaces as well as powerful brushes that allow for thorough commercial cleaning.

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These cleaning equipment are expensive to buy and maintain, but hiring a janitorial company lets you access these at a low cost. Among the top reasons to hire a commercial janitorial service is their sole focus on cleaning supplies. These companies are likely to have the latest cleaning products on the market that may not be readily available in stores.