Privacy Policy

We prioritize giving our viewers useful content to ensure an excellent experience with our website. We stand by the notion that engaging our viewers is a critical factor that improves overall learning, which is one of our main objectives. Because of this, we want to stimulate interaction and we will achieve this by empowering our readers and encourage them to impart their knowledge and opinions. We believe that gaining your trust in such manner will greatly increase the chance of us becoming your go to website regarding online readership of knowledge about business.

It is our utmost priority to safeguard you from inconveniences you may come across in the future. In line with our efforts to encourage interaction, we want to inform you about the different policies that we uphold in order to ensure your safety about issues in privacy.

External Links

To maintain a suitable environment conducive for learning, we will be providing external links in hopes of enhancing your experience. The rules that theses websites may follow does not represent what we stand for. Due to this, we highly recommend out readers to review each site’s policies first before sharing any valuable information.


We at Business Day TV are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. We do not practice the usage of web cookies as it will hinder us from achieving this goal.

Personally Identifiable Information

We strictly prohibit the collection of any personal information from our viewers unless the action of doing such arises voluntarily. We believe that to maintain a professional relationship with our viewers, we must observe confidentiality. With this, the use of any data we receive is for the sole purpose of sending updates, processing of requests, or responding to feedbacks of various viewers of our site.