Pool Cleaning: Which Methods are Most Efficient?

Posted on Apr 24 2018 - 1:00am by Business Day TV

swimming poolMaintaining a sparkling pool does not have to be exhausting. All pools have different features, and so do their maintenance demands. However, the unwritten rule to a pristine pool is regular cleaning and maintenance. This is where pool cleaners in Plano, TX come in handy. Here are some methods that will help keep your pool in a functional and healthy condition.

Sanitizing chlorine tablets

Regardless of the recent go-green campaign that is directed at chemically treated pools, chlorine tabs are still among the most efficient pool cleaning methods. Unlike other chemicals, chlorine tabs are considered to be safer since they dissolve in the pool water at a very slow rate, effectively killing bacteria. These tabs should be placed on your pool’s skimmer, floater, or automatic feeder.


The impact of skimming your pool after a couple of days should not be underestimated. Skimming prevents leaves, debris, and bugs from clogging the pool filter. As a result, the pool circulation system becomes more efficient, minimizing the amount of chlorine you use.

Surface cleaning and vacuuming

Wall scrubbing and surface cleaning should be done at least once a week. While scrubbing the walls, your pool cleaners should ensure to use a brush that is suitable for the pool wall material. For instance, if your walls are made from vinyl or fiberglass, they should use a soft brush. Vacuuming should be done on a straight line grid, with small overlaps to ensure you do not miss out on any area.

The above weekly steps are necessary for maintaining a healthy and functional pool. Additionally, professional maintenance minimizes the need for having a frequent round of shock pool treatments. With these measures, you are guaranteed a good swim even for your children.

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